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Wholesale Graduation Gowns

We manufacture wholesale graduation gowns & robes to your specific design and fabric needs, or choose from our excellent stock gown fabrics.

Below, please find images to show some of our skill in producing academic regalia. We are not limited to these examples and are happy to make samples to your specifications.

Master Gowns
Bachelor Gowns
High School Gowns
kindergarten gowns
High School

We can manufacture using fabrics for every budget

Located less than 30 minutes from one of the largest wholesale fabric markets in the world; we also have strong relationships with many large fabric manufacturers.

  Satin Graduation Gown Fabric Velvet Fabric
Red Satin    Black Satin    White Satin Black Velvet
Strong Polyester Graduation Gown Fabric
red polyester fabric    blue polyester 

fabric    white polyester fabric

Also working with traditional fabric for British style pleated robes

High quality mat fabric with an excellent draping quality is used in the manufacture of high quality wholesale graduation gowns. Pleating around the shoulders and back is tight and perfectly even in all our robes.

Wholesale Gowns and Regalia

Ergonomically designed to fit the shape of your neck & shoulders.

Personalized With Embroidery ...                                                   ...Print                                ...or Appliqué


Wholesale Graduation Caps

We manufacture wholesale graduation caps in the same wide range of fabrics that are available for graduation gowns.

Graduation Caps       Graduation Gowns and Caps       Graduation Caps

Wholesale Graduation Tassels

Wholesale graduation tassels with or without metal year date rings are available with graduation caps or as stand alone items.

Wholesale Graduation Cords

Below you can find just a few examples of the infinite color combinations we can achieve when producing high quality wholesale graduation cords.

graduation cord     graduation gowns and cords     graduation cords     cords     graduation gown and cord

Wholesale Graduation Hoods

wholesale graduation hoods are made using the finest satins and sewn to the highest standards.

Graduation Hoods for bachelor degree graduates       Graduation Gowns Hoods

Please Contact Us with any inquiry that you may have and our customer service department will be happy to answer any of your questions or provide you with a quotation for your wholesale graduation wear needs.


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